Do you really think you’re some kind of psychic?

92HI could get into my whole big scientific theory about intuition, but the critical bit is this: I think everyone is, to a greater or lesser degree, some kind of psychic.

I’m not saying the gods are whispering in all of our ears or anything magical like that (though I’m totally groovy with you if that’s your take), but I believe that intuition – or, as I like to call it, “assembling data and drawing conclusions” – is a natural human function that everyone has the potential to access. The only difference is that intuition sometimes involves unconscious data – data that maybe I don’t even know I have noticed – so the conclusions I’m drawing seem to come out of nowhere.

It’s Sherlock Holmes stuff, really – picking up on cues of body language and tiny observations, and building a story that explains those details coherently. Anyone can do that, but in divination we do it with a particular framework, for a specific reason. Context, you know?

I’m not saying getting a reading is an adventure in the scientific method, but I am saying that calling me a cold reader will not insult me, and that I think someday, “psychic readings” will be as thoroughly understood as Zeus’ thunderbolts. For now, let’s just say a reading from me is less about mysticism and more about having a conversation about your own particular version of the near-universal human hero story.

Another important point? I don’t actually care if all divination is utter bullshit (see here, re: “enthusiastic paradox”). I really like doing it, I think it’s fun, and it helps me feel like my life is more than a meaningless blip on the arc of history. It’s my hope that other people appreciate it, too, and maybe we can have some helpful conversations along the way.

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