My Philosophy

Generally speaking, I am less interested in reading your mind or dropping your jaw with the wonder of my talents, and more interested in helping you connect to your own questions and answers. In my experience, most people already know what they need to know….they’re just not always ready to admit it, or able to access that knowledge. I think of reading as facilitating a conversation between the person asking the questions and whatever you want to call it – their own subconscious, the divine, the universe at large, whatever.

Palmistry, astrology, Tarot: these are just frameworks, vehicles for parsing out the story. Humans can and will find meaning in anything, and these systems are ancient tools designed expressly for that purpose. I’m not saying your ancestors are speaking to you through Tarot cards, or that your destiny is written in the stars (I mean, it could be, if that’s your thing) – but I am saying that a reading is an opportunity to tap into symbols that generations of humans have used to put their troubles and triumphs in context. Joseph Campbell was onto something.

Beyond that, in a reading with me, you will always get a few important things:

  • Radical Empathy
    This is part and parcel of being a sex-positive feminist social anarchist: I am not going to judge you for almost anything, and I believe you are worthy of good things, no matter what. Also critical to radical empathy: truth. I’m going to try to be gentle whenever possible, but sometimes life is challenging, and we need to be challenged, too.
  • Enthusiastic Paradox
    Sometimes things that seem mutually exclusive are true at the same time. Life is messy and complicated like that, and a reading from me does not require logic or order. Be where you are, even if that doesn’t make a lick of sense.
  • The Gospel of Mmmmmmmfuckit
    Doing nothing might be safer, but I’m a firm believer in doing something instead. Even if I might look bad, or it might fail utterly, or people will think I’m stupid or silly or flawed. Joseph Campbell might call this “following your bliss,” because it’s really just about doing what you feel called to do, and damn the consequences. I believe explicitly that one of the benefits of a reading is looking the fear of consequences in the face, and creating a strategy to work around (or with, or beyond, or through) that fear.

…and that’s pretty much it.

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